7 inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers

December 2nd, 2023

Specialty coffee is one of the best gifts of all. It’s a great inexpensive gift that’ll make your loved-ones smile without breaking the bank. By gifting specialty coffee, you’re supporting the local economy, and offering an experience as opposed to more stuff.

At Firebat Coffee, we have some great inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers of all kinds. After all, not all coffee lovers are the same. Some are busy, sipping their coffee on the train during their morning commute. Others are obsessive about attention to detail, the type to never miss a James Hoffmann video. Whether your coffee lover is seeking a strong concoction or a flavour experience, we’ve got coffee gift ideas for all types.

Firebat Coffee is the perfect unique gift for coffee lovers. We only source our coffee directly from farmers and producers in El Salvador. Our coffee is sustainably farmed by producers with extensive knowledge about farming and processing. We roast meticulously to accentuate the brilliant work of these producers. The result is freshly roasted coffee with unique, complex flavour.

If you’re not a coffee lover yourself and don’t know what’s what, have no fear. Follow us as we show you our top 7 picks for the perfect coffee gift set. 

7 coffee gift ideas for coffee lovers

1. Espresso Experience Box

The Espresso Experience Box is a great coffee gift set for the coffee lover that owns an espresso machine. Roasted and selected with espresso in mind, these coffees pull the perfect espresso shot with a silky crema. The experience box is not limited to the espresso method, and also works well for the pour over method. 

The experience box includes 3 delicious coffees.

  • Firebat Espresso:  This is our delicious house espresso blend, a medium-dark blend with chocolate and caramel notes. It’s sweet with little acidity and no bitterness.
  • La Revolución: This is a dark roast blend with chocolate notes and a molasses sweetness.
  • Single farm feature – Los Pocitos: Los Pocitos give your coffee-lover the true single-farm experience. This creamy medium roast presents notes of cacao nibs and brown sugar.

2. Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who struggles to brew a great-tasting cup of coffee every day. The Clever Dripper combines the elements of immersion and great clarity, making proper extraction foolproof. Proper extraction is one of the secrets to delicious coffee! The Clever Dripper is also the perfect gift for the gadget-obsessed coffee lover. 

3. Hario V60 Pour Over Kit

The Hario V60 Pour Over Kit really brings the best out of high-quality specialty coffee. This is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who’s willing to spend a few minutes on a perfect cup of coffee. It does require some knowledge about coffee basics (extraction, blooming, etc.). With that said, it’s a great gift for the new coffee lover who’s learning their craft. The kit includes a dripper, a heat-proof glass decanter, 40 #2 filters, and a coffee scoop.

4. Chemex Classic 6-cup

The Chemex Classic 6-cup is the perfect gift for the coffee-loving couple or family. It makes multiple cups, so you can ditch that clunky drip coffee maker that produces mediocre results. The 6-cup size is perfect for making 2-6 cups of coffee at once. It’s a great, low-tech coffee maker that looks elegant with its wooden handle and unique glass shape. Make sure to grab some Chemex filters, too!

5. AeroPress Brewing Kit

The AeroPress Brewing Kit is for the busy, on-the-go coffee lover. It quickly makes a single, strong cup of coffee for those who love a good pick-me-up in the morning or the afternoon. It’s also good for the travelling coffee lover, perfect for hotel stays where good coffee is scarce. Virtually shatterproof, it also makes a great camping accessory–all you need is a firepit, a kettle, and some Firebat coffee

6. Firebat t-shirt or mug

You don’t need to be a Firebat die-hard to appreciate our branded t-shirt! Featuring our logo designed by a Salvadoran artist Frida Larios, it makes a great conversation starter. Better yet, the design is printed on an eco-friendly t-shirt made by Recover Brands, a mission-driven brand making clothing out of recycled materials. Firebat t-shirts are made out of recycled water bottles that are spun into fibres and turned into shirts. 

Our funky logo also appears on the our original Firebat Camping Mug and on the Reg & Orange version of our logo for those who love a personality-packed coffee mug. This metal mug is shatterproof, perfect for camping or sitting at the dock with a cup of coffee.

7. Firebat Holiday blend  

So, your coffee lover has every coffee gadget imaginable. Why not give the gift of coffee? 

For a smaller gift, consider our Holiday Blend. Our Holiday blend has been carefully crafted to embody the joy and warmth of the holiday season. ⁠The combination of an anaerobic pacamara and a bourbon natural results in a multiverse of chocolate flavours. Heavy notes of gooey brownies and rich chocolate covered fruit radiate from this coffee regardless of brewing method.⁠

Gifting this blend also helps those in need during the holiday season, as $1 from every purchase goes to Fare Share Food Bank. It’s perfect as a stocking stuffer or as a small coffee gift idea on a budget.

Champagne taste on a coffee budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to gift a coffee lover! Coffee is a great gift because it’s high-quality yet affordable. Nothing is better than a bag of fresh, high-quality beans roasted with love. 

Supporting local businesses is important year-round, but it’s even more important during the holidays. Your support doesn’t just help local businesses–it supports the work of coffee farmers in El Salvador. Buying specialty coffee helps producers make a good living and support their families and communities.  

Need more inspiration? Head to our coffee collection, and browse coffees of different roast levels, flavour profiles, and regions. Still stumped? Gift them our coffee gift card – we ship globally and offer Canada wide free shipping for orders above $45!