Our passion for coffee goes beyond our love for specialty coffee flavor exquisiteness. It is a combination of continuous curiosity about unlocking the flavors that single origin coffees reveal and a definitive commitment on how to source amazing quality coffees authentically and sustainably.

Our story goes back to the year 2013 in El Salvador where life brought the three of us, Rodrigo, Gustavo, and Leena, together at our children’s pre-school Christmas show. Leena and Gustavo were planning a move to Canada and had the desire to start bringing great Salvadoran coffee to Canada. Rodrigo at a time was heavily involved in the Salvadoran specialty coffee landscape, and so gasoline met fire. A great friendship started that day, which few years later lead to the start of Firebat Coffee Roasters.

In 2016, taking a leap of faith Gustavo and Leena moved their family to Canada and after a few spins ended up finding a place for the roastery in Oakville. We continue roasting delicious coffee at the “Bat Cave” on Speers Rd since 2017, and serving the local coffee community by retailing freshly roasted beans directly from the roastery. We are grateful to be attending numerous more coffee lovers through our online store and through our network of wholesale partner cafes, bakeries, restaurants and specialty food stores across Southern Ontario. Interested in partnering with us? Please contact us here.