As roasters we cannot add flavor or quality to the coffee, our job is carefully roast the beans to find the right spot to highlight the beans potential flavors to showcase the producer’s hard work. 

All what we have learned through many hours of roasting the same beans with a playful scientific approach is to preserve the quality achieved on the farming and processing stage. 

Our beans come vacuumed sealed in 22kg bags to preserve the flavor properties. Vacuum packing preserves the freshness in the beans during long transportation and while stored at the roastery until roasting. 

As micro-roasters we focus on unique, single farm coffees to offer different flavor profiles to our customers. We roast single origin beans in small batches weekly to provide freshly roasted, amazing coffees to our community.

We roast using a Giesen W15 coffee roaster. While there are roasting software’s available, we prefer the craftsmanship of roasting by hand. We enjoy it.