Yellow caturra honey

Shade-grown in El Salvador


Our passion for coffee goes beyond our love for specialty coffee flavor exquisiteness. It is a combination of continuous curiosity about unlocking the flavors that single origin coffees reveal and a definitive commitment on how to source amazing quality coffees authentically and sustainably.

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A great cup of coffee starts with the green bean, and our search for the high scoring coffees with complex and consistent flavor profiles are rooted in sustainability.

Roasted in Small Batches in Oakville

As roasters we cannot add flavor or quality to the coffee, our job is carefully roast the beans to find the right spot to highlight the beans potential flavors to showcase the producer’s hard work.


We take pride in working directly with a dedicated and outstanding team of coffee producers, and seek to partner with a like-minded businesses that value quality and sustainability.


  • Why Should I Drink Shade-grown Coffee?

    Shade grown coffee is coffee grown under a canopy of tall trees amongst other shrubs, birds, insects, and wildlife. This traditional coffee farming method has become rarer with the prevalence of sun grown coffee.

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  • Our coffee roastery is moving!

    We are fired up to share the news about our upcoming move to our new home for Firebat Coffee Roastery & Coffee Lab at 3245 Harvester Road, Burlington!  Retail & Coffee Lab opening Spring 2024.

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  • Mind the grind: top tips for grinding coffee

    Grinding coffee properly isn’t the most obvious task, especially if you’re a coffee newbie. If you’ve ever found your coffee tasted bitter, sour, or flat, there’s a good chance the culprit is the grind. Screwing up your morning coffee can leave you cranky for the rest of the day. We know that you can’t afford…

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