Firebat t-shirt



A fundamental part of Firebat’s philosophy is making sure that our coffees are ethical and sustainable. When it came time to produce a t-shirt for our coffee community, we were met with the challenge of creating it the right way. There are no shortage of companies producing and printing t-shirts, but it was difficult to find one that does it ethically and sustainably.

We are delighted to have found Recover Brands, a mission driven sustainable clothing company. Each Recovery t-shirt is made of 100% recycled materials; 50% post-consumer PET and 50% up cycled cotton. The t-shirts have a nice, soft feel to them and are extremely durable. You can feel even better wearing them known that they were produced following the standards that are fundamental to our business.

Each shirt is made of 8 water bottles that were turned into pellets and ultimately into yarn, and upcycled cotton from discarded textiles. These two processes reduce the waste on our planet massively, and vastly improve the overall thought process towards main stream garment production. We strongly believe, that we simply cannot continue to produce things that will soon after be discarded while extracting the planet out of valuable resources and simultaneously flood our planet with pollution.

Made and printed in the USA.

Please note sizing is unisex and has a smaller fit, so consider ordering one size up.