El Salvador

La Revolucion

Dark Chocolate / Molasses / Bold

Bean Details

Variety: 50% bourbon washed and 50% bourbon natural

Producer: Various

Country: El Salvador

Altitude: 1,500-1,750 MASL

Roast Profile: Dark



La Revolución, Revolution in Spanish, is our take on dark roast. This coffee is for the days when you feel like you need an extra push to keep going, and for those who prefer their coffee rich & bold.

La Revolución is made with 50% bourbon washed and 50% bourbon natural. Slow-roasted to a darker profile for bold cup of coffee. La Revolucion is rich and complex. Sweet aroma, bold dark chocolate notes and molasses-like sweetness combine in this dark roast. Enjoy it black or combine with milk. Great option for espresso based drinks.