El Salvador

La Sonrisa

Caramel / Toasted Nuts / Smooth

Bean Details

Variety: 50% bourbon washed & 50% bourbon honey

Producer: Various

Country: El Salvador

Altitude: 1,500-1,750 MASL

Roast Profile: Medium



Imagine your coziest environment, and then add this coffee. La Sonrisa, smile in Spanish, is like a warm hug in a cup that puts a smile on your face. It brews a sweet and smooth cup of coffee to slowly wake up to and start your day with intention and good vibes.

La Sonrisa blend is made with 50% washed bourbon and 50% honey bourbon. Slow roasted to a medium dark profile. You can expect a coffee that is balanced, predominantly sweet, and clean aftertaste. Sweet & mellow option for drip, in espresso the acidity elevates making it citric and vibrant.