El Salvador

El Ausol

Sugar cane / Chocolate / Smooth

Bean Details

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Producer: Leo Muyshondt

Country: El Salvador

Region: Ilamatepec, Santa Ana

Altitude: 1,700MASL

Roast Profile: Medium



We are excited to announce the return of this Firebat classic, and even more excited about how this year’s crop has turned out.  This year’s El Ausol produces a more complex and full bodied cup.  The notes of milk chocolate are richer and the body is more robust, allowing it to shine as both a stellar filter roast, as well as a great espresso base for lattes and cappuccinos.  We are excited to have this coffee back in our lineup and can’t wait for you to try it for yourself.

This great bourbon bean comes to us from the traditional coffee region of Apaneca, in El Salvador. Leo Muyshondt descends from five generations of coffee producers and has great devotion to quality. When looking for a balanced and smooth coffee, El Ausol is yours to try!

This bourbon washed delivers a clean and balanced cup leaning to the cacao and sugary notes of the legendary great bourbon variety. This well rounded, classic coffee brews a rich cup with sensible but pleasant acidity, and full body. It is a crowd-pleaser and makes a great choice for your morning or afternoon brew.

Different brewing methods will highlight different aspects of each roast, making each cup unique. As a starting point for brewing this versatile coffee we suggest a 15:1 water to coffee ratio, with water below boiling point.

All beans are shade-grown and were hand-picked when ripe, sorted by hand and sun-dried on the patios. After harvest, the coffee was washed to remove the cherry and fruit mucilage covering the bean, and then spread on the patios and turned regularly to allow slow, even drying of the beans for 7 to 10 days. Washed processed coffees are known for their clean and vibrant notes. Learn more about the different processing methods here!

Leo Muyshondt descends from five generations of coffee producers and has great devotion to quality. The farm is cultivated with bourbon, pacamara and pacas varieties.

El Ausol is truly in an exotic place. “Ausol” in Spanish is the term used for the cracks found in the volcanic soil where steam escape to the surface. Towers of steaming vapor from the cracks in the earth’s surface can be seen at El Ausol, a sure sign magma lurks right below the surface!

El Ausol, and its sisters farms Topacio and Diamante, are located in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec volcanic mountain range, which was declared as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO due to its importance for biodiversity. Sections of the farms are conserved as native virgin forest, and on the remaining area coffee grows among native forest. The trees provide essential shade for coffee to ripen slowly to its full sweetness while providing much needed habitat for the wild life.