La Divina

Honeydew, golden-berry & jasmine

Quick Overview

  • SL-28
  • Honey
  • Roberto Ulloa
  • El Salvador
  • Ilamatepec, Santa Ana
  • 1,800MASL
  • Medium
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Product Description

La Divina is located at 1,800MASL in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, home to several active volcanoes such as Izalco and Santa Ana. Roberto Ulloa bought La Divina farm in the 2000s and due to his forward thinking view on coffee production, La Divina has since been rejuvenated with new coffee trees and improved farming and drying practices. La Divina is predominantly planted with SL-28 (kenya), red bourbon, and pacamara.

Roberto has built his own micro-mill on the farm to have control over the quality of processing to preserve all flavor characteristics of the crop, and the beans are sun dried on raised beds. The cool micro-climate and volcanic, fertile soil produce beans that are high density and packed with exotic flavor notes. The trees that shade the coffee plantations maintain region’s biodiversity while providing delightful shade for the coffee to slowly ripen to its maximum sweetness.

We are excited to bring this amazing 50-lbs micro-lot to Canada that we bought in the second annual Juayua Coffee Expedition in February 2019. Juayua Coffee Expedition is an auction where the regional micro-lots from small scale producers participate, attracting many international buyers.

This SL-28 exhibit floral qualities combined with a juicy honeydew sweetness and a silk body making this a true remarkable coffee. We recommend it for pour overs like chemex, kalita or V60 for unlocking and appreciating all its beautiful flavour notes.

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Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 6 cm

12 Oz Whole Bean, 12 Oz. Ground

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Fine grind, Medium grind, Coarse grind, N/A


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