El Salvador


Clementine / Molasses / Silky

Bean Details

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Honey

Producer: Juan Carlos Gregg

Country: El Salvador

Region: Ilamatepec mountain range, Apaneca

Altitude: 1,600MASL

Roast Profile: Medium



This honey processed coffee was mechanically de-pulped after harvest and part of the fruit mucilage was left on the beans. The beans are dried on raised drying beds for 2-3 weeks. Read more about the different processing methods here!

It is a great coffee to start the day, as it is incredibly mellow and silky, notes of baked sugar and mild citric notes blend together in a medium body cup.

Shangrila is located where coffee made its original landfall in El Salvador. The Ilamatepec region, protected by Unesco since 2007 for its relevance as a biosphere reserve, is where coffee was originally farmed in El Salvador making the country the 4th largest producer in the world in the 1970s. The volumes are smaller now, but producers like Juan Carlos are providing garden-like-care to their farms to move to even higher flavor realms. Shangrila is planted mostly with bourbons and in recent years, Juan Carlos has diversified by planting ancient Ethiopian varietals.