El Salvador


Sweet Peach / Hibiscus / Smooth

Bean Details

Variety: Bourbon/pacas

Process: Washed

Producer: Sara Salguero

Country: El Salvador

Region: Chalatenango

Altitude: 1,850MASL

Roast Profile: Medium



We would like to introduce the newest producer to join the Firebat roster; Sara Salguero. Her farm, Sarita, can be found high in the mountains of Chalatenango.

Sarita is located within the highest altitude range where coffee is able to grow in El Salvador (1850m – 1900m). We are honoured to showcase Sara’s coffee and help further support women producers in coffee.

Sarita’s high altitude means that this washed processed bourbon & pacas coffee lot is bursting with vibrant sweetness. It has notes of sweet peach and hibiscus, and has a juicy, almost tea-like body, resulting in a refreshing cup of coffee.

Different brewing methods will highlight different aspects of each roast, making each cup unique. We recommend brewing this one with pour over methods to enhance the flavour potential. We suggest a 16:1 water to coffee ratio, with water below boiling point.

Sara Salguero has a small hold coffee farm in Las Pilas, Chalatenango, the northern most region of El Salvador. This mountainous region is covered in lush pine tree forest and many people dedicate their livelihood to agriculture due to the fertile soil. Gradually most farmers have transitioned to plant legumes, however Sara bet in starting to produce high quality specialty coffee.

She manages her small farm with her husband and family.  She only grows Pacamara, Bourbon and Pacas varietals that thrive in high altitude, cooler climates.