Nutty / Citric / Cacao

Bean Details

Process: Swiss Water Process

Producer: Providence Mills Co-op

Country: Mexico

Region: Tapachula, Chiapas

Altitude: 1600

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark


Unfortunately our Decaf is currently out of stock, we expect to have it back by end of July, 2022.

This decaf is the ideal choice to enjoy a delicious cup after dinner or for those sensitive to caffeine. It doesn’t sacrifice flavour in any respect. The Swiss Water decaffeination process is 00% chemical free, gentle on the bean and maintains the flavour integrity. The Swiss Water Process results in coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free.

The Bean:
Our Organic Decaf is sourced from Providence Mills Co-op, in Chiapas region of Mexico. The beans are decaffeinated in BC, Canada following the Swiss Water Process.

The Swiss Water Process uses only water, temperature, and time to gently remove caffeine, while preserving all the coffee’s original characteristics. The decaffeination process is 100% free of chemicals, and results in a flavourful cup of decaf where 99.9% off the caffeine has been removed.

The Roast:
We take the gently decaffeinated beans and transform them into a delightfully flavourful decaf. A Decaf that doesn’t disappoint is often hard to find. This organic decaf is formidably tasty and expertly roasted by hands in small batches. The flavour is predominantly notes of chocolate with a nutty aftertaste and no acidity. 

Brew Method(s) for Decaf
Our Decaf is enjoyable with any of your preferred brew methods, great for filter or espresso.