El Salvador

Las Brumas

Cantaloupe / Black Tea / Juicy

Bean Details

Variety: SL-28

Process: Washed

Producer: Ernesto Menendez

Country: El Salvador

Region: Ilamatepec, Santa Ana

Altitude: 1,850MASL

Roast Profile: Medium



Ernesto “Neto” Mendendez is a well-known producer in the specialty coffee scene and has been winning competitions with his coffees for years. Ernesto comes from a 4th generation of coffee producers and when robust technical knowledge meets passion and privileged terroir, the result is outstanding coffees.

Las Brumas is located 45min from the city of Santa Ana, on the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. This region is known for its micro-climate, rich volcanic soils, and fantastic environment for coffee production. Las Brumas is located near the Volacanoes Park where still active Izalco, Cerro Verde, and Santa Ana volcanoes form a triplicate line. The mountain slopes are covered in lush forest that provides sanctuary for migrating birds species, including woodpeckers and several species of hummingbird.

Fertile volcanic soil which has been generated throughout various eruption. Las Brumas also has a fantastic micro-climate year round and is most of the year covered in misty fog, which is why Ernesto named the farm Las Brumas, ‘mist’ in Spanish. This unique micro-climate in the region is created when the warm air from the Pacific Ocean collides with the high peaks of the Volcanoes Park. The mist reduces the amount of sunlight the coffee tree helping to have a slower photosynthesis, improving the ripening process and this in turn improves some attributes which are closely related to maturity like the aroma, sweetness, acidity and flavor.

60 hectares of Las Brumas are dedicated to shade-grown coffee production, ranging from 1450 to 1700 meters above sea level, yielding about 600 sacks of coffee per year. An area of 35 hectares of the farm is virgin forest mountain at an altitude from 1700 to 2000 MASL.

For Firebat its our second year with coffees from Ernesto among them we brought his SL-28 a variety typically found in Kenya, and famous for a tea body with fruity flavors evoking blackcurrant, mango and cantaloupe notes with a flowery aroma.