La Hermosa

Sweet orange / Cacao nibs / Smooth

Bean Details

Variety: Bourbon & Caturra

Process: Washed

Producer: Max Perez

Country: Guatemala

Region: Acatenango

Altitude: 1,980MASL

Roast Profile: Medium



We are very excited at Firebat to have a Guatemalan coffee in our portfolio. Our beans come predominantly from El Salvador, however Guatemala because of its proximity and geography has been a desired destination for Central Americans. Many Salvadorans have grown connected to Guatemala as a beautiful place to go and spend time off, visit friends and enjoy the many similarities and differences. This great caturra & bourbon crop comes to us from the Acatenango region, in Guatemala. Max Perez descends from a family of coffee producers and in 2010 the opportunity for him to start La Hermosa came up.

This bourbon washed delivers a clean and deep molasses-cup leaning to the cacao and baked sugars that are traditional of a great bourbon variety. This well rounded, classic coffee brews a smooth cup with a sweet medium body. This coffee is very versatile; in pour overs the baked sugar, chocolate and roasted nuts are evident, and in espresso it delivers a round sweet creamy  shot with straight chocolate notes. Just Amazing.

As a starting point for brewing this versatile coffee we suggest a 15:1 water to coffee ratio, with water below boiling point. For Espresso we recommend 19 grams for a double basket.

All beans are shade-grown and were hand-picked when ripe, sorted by hand and sun-dried on the patios. After harvest, the coffee was washed to remove the cherry and fruit mucilage covering the bean, and then spread on the patios and turned regularly to allow slow, even drying of the beans for 7 to 10 days. Washed processed coffees are known for their clean and vibrant notes. Learn more about the different processing methods here!

The project took off in 2010. The Perez family had a great vision that manifested itself in deciding what varieties would be planted, the type of shade trees and other technical needs that had to be met. From the selection of the seeds to the planting, every detail was carefully supervised in order to guarantee the success of the project. A coffee plantation is a long-term investment, so certainty and care in every step are crucial.

Currently the farm is divided into thirteen sections in full production, featuring traditional varieties as pache, typica, caturra, and bourbon, as well as the trendy maragogype, pacamara and gesha. Quality doesn’t come by chance, that is why all their coffees are carefully hand picked and processed following the best practices for coffee processing and drying.

La Hermosa has been rewarded with different national and international prizes in the past years, including the Cup of Excellence in 2021. In total they have collected 10 Cup of Excellence awards and many others including 1st place Blockchain auction 2019.

We sourced this coffee via Apex Coffee Imports.