El Salvador

La Gloria

Cacao Nibs / Honey / Creamy

Bean Details

Variety: Pacamara

Process: Washed

Producer: Luis Rodriguez

Country: El Salvador

Region: Apaneca

Altitude: 1,450 MASL

Roast Profile: Medium



An outstanding coffee from top quality producing farm, Finca La Gloria. This pacamara washed exhibits a creamy body with a dark chocolate deep flavor, and hints of citric acidity. A well-rounded coffee that stands out for its full body.

Being a washed processed coffee, its inherent dark cacao notes cover the flavor experience paired with a bee honey sweetness that makes it ideal for espresso as well as for pour-overs.

Finca La Gloria is owned by late Maria Jose Huezo de Rodriguez and her husband Luis Rodriguez. Maria Jose and Luis bought the farm in 2009 and named it La Gloria in recognition to Maria Jose’s mother’s legacy in specialty coffee. Not only has she been an inspiration and supporter on the young couple’s coffee endeavor but also the name, Gloria Rodriguez, is quickly recognized in the specialty coffee world for many coffee awards she has achieved with her farms.

Finca La Gloria, is located at the heart of the Apaneca mountain range, one the traditional coffee growing regions in El Salvador. La Gloria has 2.6 hectares with an average altitude of 1,450 MASL, covered in rich volcanic soil dedicated to growing Bourbon and Pacamara coffee varieties.

Due to its small size, La Gloria receives garden like care year-round. Coffee grows below a canopy of “ingas” and other native trees that serve as a natural habitat to a wide variety of birds, small mammals, snakes and insects. Sounds of life can be heard from every inch of the farm adding to the atmosphere and the magnificent view of the Laguna del Espino and the Guatemalan border mountains.

Another great aspect of the farm is its infrastructure. Water tanks and channels were constructed amongst the cultivars to make watering, fertilizing easier, and to prevent erosion. The farm faces its environmental challenges with natural solutions such as the use of trees as windbreakers, sustainable pruning, soil maintenance, water collection and many more practices aimed at reducing erosion, oxygenating the land and managing a shade tree nursery for replanting during next winter.

Finca La Gloria also has an ever expanding coffee variety garden with nearly 65 different varieties. Many of them for research and educational purposes.