El Salvador


Floral / Raspberry / Juicy

Bean Details

Variety: SL-28

Process: Natural

Producer: Firebat Coffee

Country: El Salvador

Region: Chalatenango

Altitude: 1,650MASL

Roast Profile: Light-Medium



This coffee is very special to us as if comes for our own Firebat Coffee Roasters’ farm Balam. First crop of a farming project that started back in 2015 is finally here! Read more about the story behind Balam here.

For this SL-28 we did a light roast to show its delicate notes. Flowery aroma, medium body and a great symphony of flavors where raspberry and blackcurrant melt together and create a versatile coffee. In a light ratio 17:1 its tea-like and refreshing, and in more intense ratio 14:1 it becomes heavier, it has become one of our favorites for Aeropress.

This is SL-28 bean is originally native to Kenya. In the 1930’s the Kenyan government hired Scott Laboratories (SL) to identify the native coffee varieties that were best suited for widespread cultivation. This variety develops to its best at high altitudes making it very interesting for the Salvadoran geography. SL-28’s flavor is characterized by its intense blackcurrant character that defines Kenyan coffees.

This lot of SL-28 was naturally processed. After harvest, the coffee beans were dried in full cherry on raised beds for three weeks. Learn more about the different processing methods here!

Read more about the story behind Balam here.