El Salvador

Balam – Limited Edition

Creme Brûlée / Butterscotch / Smooth

Bean Details

Variety: Gesha

Process: Natural

Producer: Firebat Coffee

Country: El Salvador

Region: Chalatenango

Altitude: 1,650MASL

Roast Profile: Light-Medium



This coffee is very special to us as if comes for our own Firebat Coffee Roasters’ farm Balam. This is the 3rd crop of our farming project that started back in 2015.

This naturally processed lot of Gesha has been light roasted to show its amazing notes. Sweet caramel aroma, medium body and a layered butterscotch flavor that resembles the taste of creme brûlée.

This is a versatile coffee that is tea-like in light ratios (17 : 1) and with a fuller body at (15 : 1). It makes wonderful espressos, we do 19g for 60ml output, water temperature at 97 celsius.

Originally from the Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia, this variety has been a stellar one in the specialty coffee world in recent years. Gesha is highly sought-after variety due to its unique flavor profile. Originally from Ethiopia, Gesha is now grown ion other producing countries too, as this Salvadoran one. Gesha is low yield coffee variety that requires a very particular set of conditions between nutrition and climate to grow to its potential. Remarkably different for its unique flavor profile of floral and sweet notes. Gesha beans have been famous all over the world because of its flavor, but growing such coffee comes also with lots of devotion as it is a delicate variety susceptible to many  hazards, mostly weather related.

This Gesha lot was naturally processed. After harvest, the coffee beans were dried in full cherry on raised beds for three weeks. Learn more about the different processing methods here!

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