Pacamara – A true beauty of specialty coffees

August 5th, 2016

El Salvador, a country the size of Israel, with over 20 active volcanoes and a history as rugged as its geography has created to one of the most exotic and exquisite coffee species around: Pacamara

Pacamara’s flavor notes can drive anyone mad, with jasmine-like aroma, medium body, juicy citrus acidity and a rich, complex chocolate, raspberry, orange and cinnamon taste.

The origins of this exotic bean can be traced back to 1958 to the Institute of Coffee Studies in El Salvador. As the result of experiments, this Pacamara was made crossing Pacas and Maragogype.

The Pacas variety of coffee was discovered in El Salvador, in the region of  Santa Ana in 1949 at Finca San Rafael, owned by the Pacas family, hence the name Pacas. It is a natural mutation of Bourbon with similar characteristics but with reduced sweetness and good body.

The Maragogype is a mutation of the Typica variety recognized by its large bean. The plant has a low productivity, but it results in a high quality cup.

Pacamara thrives best in higher altitude with cooler climate. It is resistant to wind and its tree size makes it easier to be harvested in steep terrain, making it a very suitable for the Salvadoran geography of high areas like Chalatenango.