The Bat

In Mayan mythology bat was called Sotz, a very powerful symbol traditionally associated with the underworld, with a very special quality: protection. Misconstrued as a messenger of death, the bat represents actually the ability to attract new circumstances, new situations, letting go of old habits and enabling a complete transformation of the status quo.

In nature, bats are the gardeners of forests and among their many functions they are responsible for spreading the seeds away from the original plant and allowing the forest to ultimately expand beyond its natural borders.

Using fire as a primordial element, our company takes the name Firebat Coffee inspired by change, by letting go of the past and evolving. We believe in a world where more and more people appreciate honest products made with quality, craftsmanship and passion.

We also see ourselves as guardians of the quality of our coffee forests.
We import coffee favoring direct relations with farmers who are world class winners in competitions such as the Cup of  Excellence. All are farms where coffee plantations have natural shade, clean production methods and we honor them by using a roasting process that is meticulously managed to extract the most delicate flavor notes while we struggle behind the scenes for what is right, for quality and transparency.

Our logo represents as well as our product, the deep search for meaning in all what we do, we network with the most knowledgeable and talented professionals, the Firebat was designed by Frida Larios, who is an Ambassador for the International Indigenous Design Network [INDIGO] and a typo-graphic designer from El Salvador. She holds a Bachelors of Arts from University College Falmouth in England, and a Masters of Arts in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London. She consults, lectures and facilitates workshops in cultural typo/mytho/graphy for children/youth/general public in Washington D.C. and internationally.