La ilusion peaberry

SL-28 peaberry - natural


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Finca La Ilusion
Roast profile: Medium
12 oz Bag of SL-28 peaberry varietal
Process: Natural sundried
Producer: Ernesto Menendez. Cup of Excellence winner.
Region: Santa Ana volcano, Ilamatepec region. El Salvador
Farm size: 80 hectares / 1,800 MASL
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Product Description

Peaberries are a beautiful anomaly in coffee.

Normally every coffee cherry has two beans inside but in 5% of the cases only one bean develops making it sweeter and more flavorful.

This is a limited edition of only 150 bags of the flavorful SL28 varietal, naturally sun-dried on raised beds.

La Ilusión neighbors one of the most important national parks in El Salvador, known as ‘Los Andes’. It is nestled on the Santa Ana volcano and delineates his farm with dense pine and cypress forest, which itself provides a special micro-climate for La Ilusión.

The naturally processed version of this coffee was used by the 2011 World Barista champion, Alejandro Mendez.

In the cup you’ll find a blend of sweet toffee flavor with dulce the leche, with delicate brown sugar notes.

It’s complex but balanced, with hints of Fruit Salad sweets on the finish.

Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 13 x 11 x 6 cm

12 Oz Whole Bean, 12 Oz. Grinded

Type of Grind

Fine grind, Medium grind, Coarse grind, N/A


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