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The role of mothers in coffee production

We just passed Mothers day in North America, and this is a great moment to reflect on the role of women in the production of coffee worldwide. Using El Salvador as an example, statistics show that 99% of women involved in coffee production are mothers, and most of them are the economic pillars of their homes, since thousands of them are single moms.
In El Salvador there are approximately 20,000 coffee producers, 35% of them are women which means that around seven thousand of them own a farm or piece of land dedicated to coffee harvesting.

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Genesis – Firebat.

Genesis – Firebat.

The story of Firebat begins with one of those apparently coincidental situations of everyday life.

Gustavo Castelar was a seasoned aviation industry executive with a strong passion for coffee that for 2014 had already been going on for over 10 years. His personal pursuit of high-quality coffees had him continually importing 5 lbs bags of green coffee for roasting and drinking at home, given the paradoxical difficulty of getting export quality coffees from his homeland,

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What is specialty Coffee?

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), specialty coffees are defined as those qualified with more than 80 points according to their standards, although today it is argued that the minimum score to start talking about a specialty coffee is 85 points.

Additionally, there are labels like “rainforest”, “organic”, “fair treatment”; and events like the Cup of Excellence, and lots of information related to quality definition that ultimately seeks to set these coffees apart from generic coffees.

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Pacamara – A true beauty of specialty coffees born in El Salvador

El Salvador, a country the size of Israel, with 23 volcanoes and a history as rugged as its geography gave birth to one of the most exotic and exquisite coffee species around: Pacamara

Pacamara’s flavor notes can drive anyone mad, with jasmine-like aroma, medium body, juicy citrus acidity and a rich, complex chocolate, raspberry, orange and cinnamon taste.

The origins of this exotic beauty, can be traced back to 1958, to the Institute of Coffee Studies in El Salvador,

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