About Us

About Us

As founders of Firebat Coffee Roasters, our passion for coffee goes beyond simply brewing the perfect cup. It is a combination of continuous curiosity about what is it really locked inside a coffee bean in terms of flavor and potential, and a very clear commitment on how to pursue wonderful coffees in an authentic and sustainable way, with a real connection to the producers and farms where we source our beans.

Taking a leap of faith, we decided to create a coffee bridge between Canada and El Salvador. Gustavo was a passionate coffee explorer and home roaster, before leaving behind a successful career in the aviation industry in order to follow his passion for coffee. Together with Leena, they run the Firebat Coffee roastery operations in Canada.

Rodrigo has been involved in the development of specialty coffee production in El Salvador for over 10 years with a robust and wide experience as Q-grader, head judge for barista competitions and Cup of Excellence. Rodrigo works with our partner producers year round through training, cupping, and consultation. Rodrigo also oversees Firebat’s farm Balam, located in La Palma, Chalatenango.

Sourcing quality-focused relationship coffee

Teaming up with the right partners is key. All our coffees are sourced directly from small to medium scale producers in El Salvador. Direct Trade is more and more recognized in the industry as the only viable way of commercializing coffee. Relationship coffee means an even deeper connection than Direct Trade. There’s ongoing communication between the roaster and the producers with the focus to collaborate towards better quality coffee, the sustainability of production and improvement of local economies.

All the farms we work with are shade-grown farms where coffee grows under the canopy of trees in harmony with nature. In Central America, the coffee forest is the last stronghold of biodiversity and water reserves, and it’s vital to preserve such way of agriculture. Coffee ripens slowly under the canopy of trees, maximizing the natural sugar content inside every bean which transfers into amazing flavors that are not only fun and pleasurable to drink but also removing the need to add sugar or additives to your cup.

The Bat

In the Mayan mythology bat is a very powerful symbol with a very special quality: protection. The bat represents the ability to attract new circumstances, new situations, letting go of old habits and enabling a complete transformation of the status quo. In nature, bats are the gardeners of forests and among their many functions they are responsible for spreading the seeds away from the original plants and allowing the forest to ultimately expand beyond its natural borders.

Our logo was designed by Frida Larios, who is an ambassador for the International Indigenous Design Network [INDIGO] and a typo-graphic designer from El Salvador.