About Us

Pure passion for Coffee.

Bats are the gardeners of rainforests. In harmony with nature’s perfection, they disperse the seeds away from the parent plant, playing a key role in the preservation of forest life.

As founders of Firebat Coffee roasting company, we were inspired to create a bridge between farms and consumers that would allow us to share outstanding artisan coffee. We share the origin of our coffees, enabling us to have a friendship bond with our producers.

We stand by three principles: flavor, transparency and sustainability.

Rodrigo has a vast experience in helping Salvadoran producers to reach the quality level required by the specialty coffee market. He started in the Specialty Coffee world, more than ten years ago when he was the Project Leader at El Salvador’s National School of Coffee.


firebatcoffee founders
Rodrigo Giammattei and Gustavo Castelar founders of Firebat Coffee


Gustavo, later joined forces with him. He left behind a successful career in the aviation industry in order to follow his passion for coffee. Together, they have created this beautiful project based on the pursuit of a coffee experience with the highest quality possible, without sacrificing transparency and the benefit of local farmers.

We believe in making a REAL difference, that is why we promote direct trade from shade grown coffee farms where all processes are 100% conducted manually, involving an average of 32 local hands. This enables a unique transfer of both, energy and flavor, from the source to your cup. We encourage people to drink this great coffee without adding anything else to it in order to enjoy all of its wonderful qualities.

The Bat Friends